From industry to the Washington Senate, Mark Mullet has built a reputation of getting solutions for all of Washington's 39 counties.

Mark’s grounded by the lessons he learned growing up in Tukwila – that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can be successful. But today, with wages not keeping up with inflation and skyrocketing housing and healthcare costs, making ends meet is out of reach for far too many. 

Mark knows firsthand what it's like to struggle to make ends meet. His dad was a contractor and mom worked as the office manager for his local elementary school. The middle son of three boys, Mark started working at his dad’s construction business when he was in middle school.

After working his way through college and starting his career in finance, Mark moved back home because he wanted to raise his kids in a place with all the promise and opportunity Washington has to offer.

Eventually, he started a pizza restaurant and a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop. As a small business owner, Mark looks out for his team, offering health care benefits to all full time staff since opening his first pizza restaurant in 2009. 

His family calls Issaquah home, where his six kids have been attending public schools, and his wife Kelley teaches elementary school. Mark knows our public school system creates the best ladder available to help raise people out of poverty – which is why expanding preschool access is a top priority for him.

Mark has advocated for the investment of tens of billions of additional dollars in our public school system during his time in the Senate. With educator retention still a major challenge, Mark will work towards solutions that involve new ideas that aren't just about more dollars. 

"As a father of six and a small business owner, I know we need to make Washington State more affordable, safer and a place where small businesses thrive. "

– Mark Mullet

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Mark MulleT

Homegrown in Washington


Mark is born in Tukwila — the middle son of three boys. His Dad was a contractor and his Mom worked as the office manager for the local elementary school.


Mark's family struggles to make ends meet, so he gets a job at a local bakery the day he passes his driver test and works hard to save for college.


Mark works his way through Indiana University. After graduation he's recruited by UBS and his work takes him across the world to New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, London and eventually — back home to Washington state.


Mark marries and starts a family of his own. He and his wife have four incredible daughters: Isabel, Eloise, Caroline and Penelope.


Mark embraces his entrepreneurial spirit and opens his first Zeeks and Ben & Jerry's scoop shop.


Inspired by his father's public service as Mayor of Tukwila, Mark runs for a seat on the Issaquah City Council. He is elected and becomes known for his ability to balance the budget without raising taxes.


Mark runs for State Senate in the 5th Legislative District and WINS, becoming the only small business owner in the Senate Democratic Caucus. His leadership in the Senate is on increasing financial literacy, making college more affordable, making it easier to get a building permit,and fighting for retirement security for all Washingtonians.


Mutual friends introduce Mark to Kelley, a fellow tennis player. The two marry and create their blended family of 8.

2016 & 2020

Mark is re-elected to the Senate in 2016 and 2020. As Chair of the Senate Capital Budget Committee, Mark passed with a 49-0 vote a bipartisan budget with  historic investments in housing, school construction and environmental protections. 


At the urging of Washingtonians across the state, Mark decides to run for Governor! His campaign is focused on making housing affordable, improving public safety, tackling climate change while keeping Washington affordable, and creating good paying jobs that allow people to buy homes and raise a family.

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